Heavy Duty Light Bar Relay Single Output

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Heavy Duty Light Bar Relay Single Output

LED light bar harness & LED Switch designed to fit all GENSSI led light bars, from the 36W to the 300W Rugged series led light bars, connecting to your 12V electrical system.
It features battery terminals on one end and a GENSSI unique connector on the other to connect to the light. It incorporates an inline fuse holder, a 12V relay, and a waterproof switch

  • This high performance wiring harness is plug and play with all GENSSI LED light bars. It can be used with other light bars on the market, however you must cut output connectors off and wire to your light bar. See picture for more information.
  • Connects to one light fixture (~9 Feet of wiring to light). Marine Grade LED Switch with LED illumination (~9 Feet of wiring to switch). Water Resistance: IP67.
  • Plug-n-Play with all GENSSI LED light bar products up to 300W.
  • Compatible with all LED light bars on the market with minor cutting and wiring. The plugs installed need to be cut off.
  • Durable relay circuit for off road environments and vibration. Surface size is 2″ (50mm) x 1″ (25mm). Standard size mounting hole 1.41″ (36mm) x .86″ (22mm). This is the standard size of most switch holes in modern vehicles.

Works with all our GENSSI Light Bars

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