Professional Electric Sheep Clippers 380W

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Professional Electric Sheep Clippers 380W

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  • Professional shearing electric clipper for tough jobs!
  • Powerful enough to be used on horses and other live stock animals.
  • 380W Powerful durable motor with full aluminum head and adjustable blade pressure.
  • Carrying case included with accessories!
  • Rotatable bottom design with heavy duty grip
  • 110-120V AC - Designed to plug into North American Outlets (USA, Canada, Mexico)
  • Up to 2500 strokes per minute


What you should expect:

  • Heavy weight
  • Heavy Duty
  • Not for small pets
  • Noisy
  • Not for children use


Live animals, such as horse, cow, sheep with heavy coatings. Can be used on large dogs, but keep in mind these are noisy and can scare some animals. They are for heavy duty use. The blades should be adjusted before first time use.