Surface Mount Pro Grade Amber LED Strobe Light 3 LED 9W

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Surface Mount Pro Grade Amber LED Strobe Light 3 LED 9W

Low profile, professional grade surface mounted strobe lights in bright amber.
Mount on any flat surface with screws such as tow trucks and other emergency vehicles.

3x 3W High Power LEDs
9W LED Power
400 Lumens
8.2cm x 3cm x .9cm
Surface mounted
12V-24V DC
ECE R65 Single flash, ECE R10
SAE J595 CLASS1 Double Flash
IP67 Waterproof
5 Wires
Up to 18 Flash Patterns


Red = 12V+ to Battery
Black = Ground Body or 12V-
Yellow = Pattern Selector: Connect to 12V+ to change pattern for less than 1 second, reapply to change pattern
White & Gray are used for Syncing multiple lights
Gray = To Sync light, the gray wire connects to the white wire of odd number of strobe heads. This is for those who want to run multiple strobes

Flash Patterns:

1 Single Flash
2 Double Flash
3 Random
4 Single -Split
5 Double -Split
6 Quad -Split
7 Pulse -Split
8 Accelerator -Split
9 Quad Burst -Split
10 Double/Accelerator -Split
11 Quad/Accelerator -Split
12 Double -All
13 Quad -All
14 Accelerator -All
15 Quad/Burst-All
16 Pulse/Single -All
17 Half Steady-1
18 Half Steady-2
19 Off


YELLOW.....Synchronization/Pattern Selector
Connect YELLOW wire of the vacated GRAY
momentarily apply to RED for one second to change pattern
WHITE and GRAY......... Synchronization
Connect the GRAY wire of the even number of heads to
the WHITE wire of the odd number of heads.