V17 4 Channel Output LED Module Bluetooth

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V17 4 Channel Output LED Module Bluetooth

4 OUTPUT (FOR 2 LED KITS) Headlight Controller

  • Purpose: To control two V17 LED KITS such that you would install in fog lamp and headlamp, or low beam and high beam
  • Designed to work with our V17 LED RGB KIT
  • 4 Outputs
  • Control 4 Individual V17 LED Bulbs with this Bluetooth Controller
  • 12V DC
  • 2 Power Wires connect to your battery terminal or any 12V DC Source
  • Why needed? Bluetooth on Phones can only have one connection. If you buy a V17 LED kit for your fog lamp and headlamp for example, you would need to swap connections to change color or control the headlight kits. Each headlight kit normally comes with one controller. You would scrap these controllers and use this single controller for both V17 LED kits.