7×6 (5×7) H6054 200mm LED Projector w/DRL Headlights Chrome Set

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7×6 (5×7) H6054 200mm LED Projector w/DRL Headlights Chrome Set
  • FITMENT: 7×6 known as 5×7 sealed beam headlamps; H6014 H6052 H6054 6054
  • POWERFUL: Up to 3000LM Low beam and 5500LM High Beam
  • RELIABLE: Durable LED 5W Chips provide 35W Low Beam / 85W High beam
  • DRL: Optional Day Time Running lights can be wired how you choose
  • PRECISE WHITE BEAM PATTERN: Improvement over standard sealed beam headlamps
  • Set of 2 headlamps

VOLTAGE: 9V-16V DC allows voltage fluctuations
MORE WHITE: 6000K Cool White provides a light that shines better on road surfaces

LENS: UV-Cured Chrome finish for durability with DOT/SAE Stamp
OCTILUMEN Technology produces superior lumen output over conventional direct emitting headlight configurations
BODY: Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy Housing in Black with high heat disapation
LIFETIME: Up to 30,000 Hours can be expected
CONNECTION: H4 Standard connector with, ground, low beam, highbeam and extra wire for DRL 12V wiring


Important Notice for Toyota Pickup Trucks / 4 Runners and possibly other Toyota Models

Toyota’s factory H4 plug is not standard, (This is standard) because it uses a Negative Triggering system vs Positive Triggering system found on most standard H4 equipped vehicles. Keep in mind the low beam can be made to work without extra parts by swapping the ground and low beam pins of your connector as shown here.  For the high-beam to work, you need 5-PIN Relays which can be purchased anywhere and some basic wiring skill as shown here.

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