7 Inch Headlight Bezel Ring For Motorcycles

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7 Inch Headlight Bezel Ring For Motorcycles

7 inch bezel that is used on motorcycle headlights. May not fit all motorcycles. Check your original bezel and compare.

  • Bezel for mounting 7 Inch Round headlights onto a motorcycles.
  • Required on some model motorcycles. May not work with all models of bikes. No guarantee.
  • Chrome Look. Notice: Foam installation around the inside of the bezel maybe a good idea on some headlights. The foam is not included and you must buy locally 3/16 inch window foam.
  • Please check your current bezel and compare. If they look similar then it may fit. We cannot guarantee as too many variations of motorcycles exist.
  • May fit 7 in round: 6012/6014/6015/H6017/H6024

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