8mm Round LED Lights with 55cm Wire 12V (10 Pack)

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8mm Round LED Lights with 55cm Wire 12V (10 Pack)

Ten individual 8mm LED with wiring and resistor pre-wired on a 55cm long wire. They can be used anywhere you can imagine including on vehicles, costumes and hobby projects.

  • 10,000-15,000 MCD Super Bright
  • 9V to 12V and up to 14V DC
  • 8mm Round Top Hat
  • Clear Lens
  • ~25-30 Degree beam projection
  • 55cm wire attached to each: 26 Gauge
  • Resistor built-in

These LED can be used for any purpose you can imagine. Very bright and use very little power.

You can power a single 5mm LED for days with a 9V battery!

Colors Available

Choose above from Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White, UV Ultra Violet


  • Red 15,000 MCD
  • Amber 5000 MCD
  • Green 11,000 MCD
  • Blue 10,000 MCD
  • White 11,000 MCD
  • UV 1000 MCD
  • Purple 3500 MCD
  • Yellow 4500 MCD