Air intake Kit with Heat Shield System for Toyota Tacoma 4Runner 1999-2004

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Air intake Kit with Heat Shield System for Toyota Tacoma 4Runner 1999-2004

Fitment for 

1999-2002 Toyota 4Runner (3.4L V6 Engines Only)
1999-2004 Toyota Tacoma (3.4L V6 Engines Only)

Includes: Filter, Black Piping, Heatshield, Hoses and basic screws

The Cold Air Intake Filter for 99-04 Tacoma 4Runner 3.4 V6, available in heat shield red, provides an essential upgrade to your vehicle's performance. With the power to increase throttle response and explosive horsepower output, this air intake kit is an improvement over the restrictive stock air intake box in your car's engine.

Installation is simple, with no need for drilling, cutting, or fabrication, and a professional installer can fit the system in as little as 30-45 minutes. Complete instructions and all necessary accessories are included, and the system works seamlessly with your car's original manufacturer computer systems.

The kit includes a high flow dry style air filter, which is both washable and reusable, and a stainless steel air filter. The aluminum pipe is powder coated in black or red, and the kit also contains a 4 ply silicone elbow or reducer, depending on the application. Notably, all parts are high quality, including the silicone coupler, elbow, and vacuum hoses, which are made of silicone rather than rubber for longevity.

Performance enhancements include an increase of 5-10 horsepower, 6-8% of torque, and improved gas mileage. Filtration efficiency can also be improved by up to 95%.

Lastly, the system provides an intense, deep sporty sound for a superior driving experience. However, professional installation is recommended. The system is street legal in most states, excluding California.