Bi-Xenon HID Xenon Performance Bulbs with Wire Harness Set

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Bi-Xenon Type Bulb H13

Bi-Xenon HID replacement bulbs in various sizes and colors:

  • Up to 500% brighter than halogen = enhanced visibility
  • 3600 lm = ultra-bright, ultra visible, ultra awesome!
  • Sealed vacuum induction xenon gas produces over 2.5x bulb life, without fading!
  • Arc Quartz™ design increase clarity and reduces light refraction
  • OEM-Grade UV Cut Quartz Xenon Bulb
  • 12-Stage Quality Control Process

Is your bulb burned or color not matching? Time to replace? These are the perfect bulbs for you! Choose your bulb size above and the color you want.

  • Bi-xenon Bulbs move to create a low/high beam on the road
  • Relay included - the relay controls the high/low beam function and gets power directly from car battery for your ballasts (ballast not included)
  • Arc Quartz™ bulb design increase clarity and reduces light refraction
  • OEM-Grade UV Cut Quartz Xenon Bulb
  • 35% less power usage than halogen bulbs puts less stress on your vehicles electrical system
  • 500% brighter than halogen means improved visibility!
  • Please ensure your ordering the correct bulbs for your vehicle. See Bulb Application Guide Here

What bulb is for my vehicle? HELP!

Step 1: Select your vehicle from this guide below:

Check the bulb application guide here: CHECK HERE

Step 2: Depending on your vehicle, it may ask you if you have composite HID headlights. Some newer vehicles come with factory HID / Xenon such as Audi BMW Mercedes etc... if your vehicle has factory HID make sure you order the correct bulb size from the drop down.

HID Bulbs Common Questions

Do your bulbs come with HID ballasts to power them?
Negative. You must buy those separate or you may already have them. Please do not think this is a complete HID conversion kit. We are only selling replacement bulbs.

I have factory halogen light bulbs, can I buy these bulbs and install them to get brighter light?
No, these HID bulbs required HID ballasts. If you do not have an existing kit, you will need to buy HID ballasts as well. We are only selling replacement bulbs.