LED Tube Strip 50cm Aluminum Waterproof (2 Pack)

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LED Tube Strip 50cm Aluminum Waterproof (2 Pack)

These compact and durable LED Strips use super bright 5630 SMD LED Chips. Durable outer aluminum housing with waterproof epoxy coating ensures a long life.


  • Aluminum Base with screw mounting holes
  • Designed to be wall or surface mounted
  • 50cm (19.6 inches) long
  • Link-able (Chain-able) so you can run 2 or more in a chain of LED strips


  • 12V-16V DC power
  • Less than 10W power usage each makes them highly efficient
  • Up to 50,000 Hours Rated Operation Life
  • 150 Degree of Light Shine

Uses include:

Cabinet lighting, accenting homes, interior of vehicles, exterior of vehicles


Two strips that can be wired together and connected to additional strips