Remote Control Wireless Police Siren Emergency 7 Tone

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Remote Control Wireless Police Siren Emergency 7 Tone
  • WIRELESS: Control the horn with a 4 button remote control from inside or outside of your vehicle
  • 7 TONES: Button A: 4 Tones, press to change, Button B, C, D each one tone
  • LOUD 125 DB @ 1 Meter: Up to 100W total power output that provides sufficient noise for most applications
  • 12V DC: Simply wire it to your battery or a switch; no drawing wires since it is 100% wirelessly controlled
  • UNIVERSAL APPLICATIONS: Non-professional police car, security, volunteer firefighter, boat; no installation instructions


The next generational in GENSSI non-professional sirens that is 100% wireless. No more worrying about drawing wires through your firewall. Simply find a 12V DC connection in your engine bay and wire your horn with 2 wires. Your wireless remote control will do the rest!

Wireless Remote controller
7 Tones
100W Peak Output
125 DB @1 Meter
Universal application for car, truck, boat and fleet

Power siren with 12V DC or car battery

Button A: 4 Tones, press to change tone
Button B: Tone 5
Button C: Tone 6
Button D: Tone 7

Not to be used as a replacement for professional equipment sirens.
Will not be as loud as regular police car sirens. This is designed for amateur use and/or for off-road play. Not to be used on the public road unless you are licensed and have rights to do so. Violation of your local state and federal laws are possible.

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