Resistor Capacitor Warning Bulb Out Canceller 9007 (2 Pack)

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2x 50W-RSTR-9007
9007 Flicker Harness Pair

You purchased an HID or LED kit and your lights flicker / flash / or do not stay on? Chances are your vehicle has a CANBUS system which monitors the light bulb sockets and thinks your bulbs are out. HID and LED do not put the same load on the vehicle as regular halogen bulbs.

Designed For Vehicles with 9007 connectors / Bulbs

  • 2 pieces (a pair) of 9007 Type Error Fixer / Warning Canceller / Bulb out solution
  • Type of function: Ensure no error when installing LED Light or Xenon HID Conversion kit for Headlight, Fog Light or Daytime Running Light with H13 Type plug (ANY HID OR LED KIT)
  • Plugs between the car wiring and the wiring provided with your kit. Example: If your kit is a 9007 kit, it will plug to the vehicle, and the other end will plug to the wiring connector that came with the H13 HID or LED kit.
  • Capacitor Module (attached) can be cut off - May not be needed for some vehicle models. On others, its needed for stabilization of voltage.


More Features:

  • It works as warning canceller, decoder, capacitor, or blinker rapid Flash Equalizer to ensure no error message for LED Light or Xenon HID Lighting to install on Headlight (high or low beam) / 9007 housing adapter socket
  • It will overcome the problem of OBC Warning Error code, excessive flashing or bulb rejection; since standard LED light and Xenon HID light may not work properly on European and latest Japanese vehicles with OBC CAN Bus wiring system
  • 9007 Lamp bulb connector / socket that works with all single beam HID kits
  • Male and Female connector included
  • Easy pre-wired, Plug & Play installation. No cutting.
  • Equips with 50W 6 Ohm Load Resistor
  • It works ~10V-15V

Notice! These get HOT. They are resistors, so please mount them on a metal, or floating in the air.
Do not mount on plastics that can melt or touch with your finger when on.