2 Channel High Power Wireless Controller 12V Fade Flashing Patterns

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2 Channel High Power Wireless Controller 12V Fade Flashing Patterns

Wire to your battery to control all sorts of 12V electronics and LED Lighting
Multi function relay switch essentially. Turn on and Off with Flashing options: All done wireless by remote.

  • 2-Channel Output wireless controller
  • Input: 12V DC, Out: Up to 16 Amps/Channel or 32 Amps total
  • Long Range – Up to 100 Feet in most installs – Can vary depending on mounting location
  • High Power – Perfect for higher power LED lighting modules or LED Light Bars you want to make flash / strobe
  • 4 functions – On/Off, Zig-Zag Flash, Strobe, Pulsing Fade On/Off
  • 4 Button Remote Control (One Remote per controller) – Remote can be programmed to control multiple receivers if needed

The GENSSI RM08 comes equipped with many features. The 2 outputs allow you to connect two separate groups of lights. Each box includes 1 remote controls and 1 receiver box. Wiring is required.

Notice: 16 Amps at 12V DC max per channel. Please do not connect anything higher than 200W rated per channel. This product is not designed to control high spike driven electronics such as heavy duty motors. Best for lighting only.

Assuming you have two sets of lights A and B and various flash modes:

– Press Button: A (On or Off)

– Press Button: B (Zig-Zag Flash Pattern with 3 speeds)

– Press Button: C (Strobe Flash Pattern with 3 speeds)

– Press Button D: (Pulsing On/Off Fade Patter with 3 speeds)

Tip: If you buy more than one RM08, you can control multiple receivers with 1 remote controller.

Tip: Do not mount the receiver on hot surface or near extreme hot areas. It should be installed in a location that is also dry.