2 Channel Wireless On Off 12V Controller Waterproof

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2 Channel Wireless On Off 12V Controller Waterproof
  • 2-Channel Output wireless controller module with 2 remotes
  • 5A / Per Channel (60W Max Load) at 12V DC
  • Do not use on heavy motors or spike driven electronics
  • Recommended for LED lights and low power 12V Devices. Please check the products rating.
  • Wire to Cars/Trucks/Marine/ATV … Endless uses!
  • Up to 100 Feet Possible (50 Feet most common)
  • Waterproof (limited) do not mount under water! Okay for marine use!

Introducing our 12V Wireless Controller with Dual Outputs! This amazing device is perfect for all your electronic needs, from LED lighting to relay operations and anything in between, up to 5 Amps per channel (60 Watts).

Our controller operates at an input voltage of 12V +/- 1V, which means it can be powered by either a battery or an AC-DC power supply that puts out 12V DC.

But the real magic of this controller is its long-range capabilities. With high-performance and range operation, it can reach up to 100 feet! And that means you can turn devices on or off remotely, without having to get up and walk over to them.

And we didn't forget about outdoor use! Our 12V Wireless Controller with Dual Outputs is designed with water resistance in mind. So, whether you're on a boat, a marine vessel, or in a car or truck, you can use this device anywhere!

In summary, if you're looking for a versatile, reliable, and durable controller for your 12V electronic needs, look no further than our 12V Wireless Controller with Dual Outputs.

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