6 LED Strip Wireless Accent Kit

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6 LED Strip Wireless Accent Kit

With this kit you can change colors and do various flash patterns as long as you aim the remote at the sensor on the RGB controller.
RGB stands for (Red, Green, Blue) Each strip has multiple LED chips that produce these 3 colors. Combining the colors in different brightness’s and you can create an assortment of colors. This is all done by the remote control. This kit includes:

  • 2x 10cm 6 SMD 5050 RGB Strips
  • 2x 20cm 12 SMD 5050 RGB Strips
  • 2x 30cm 18 SMD 5050 RGB Strips
  • 1x RGB Wireless Controller (Radio Frequency)
  • 1x 30cm DC power wire

This is a 6 Strip LED kit with a wireless control that is perfect for auto, motorcycle and boat applications.