9012 HIR2 LED Replacement Headlight Lamp Bulbs (2 Pack)

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9012 HIR2 LED Replacement Headlight Lamp Bulbs (2 Pack)
  • FITMENT: 9012 / HIR2
  • BRIGHTER: Up to 1100 Lumens of 6000K cool white light output at 12V DC; similar brightness to factory bulb, but not brighter!
  • 360 COVERAGE: M4 Double Sided LED Chips
  • DURABLE: No filament to burn out; Aluminum body acts as a heat-sink for up to 10x longer life than typical bulbs
  • COOL WHITE: More white than regular halogen bulbs
  • LOW CURRENT DRAW: Even though they are using 100W total in chips, their actual power draw is much less 1/4

More Information

These bulbs will replace 9012 / HIR2 type bulbs found in vehicle headlights.

  • Replaces your factory halogen!
  • Plug and Play
  • 25W Power Usage
  • 9012 HIR2 Replaces Halogen High/Low Beam Bulb
  • 6000K-6500K Cool White color output
  • M4 LED Technology
  • Fanless heatsink design for easy installations
  • 1600LM True output (Not artificially inflated)
  • Pair of bulbs included Left and Right
  • 1 Year Warranty