H6M 70023 100W LED Headlight Bulbs (2 Pack)

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2x H6M-100W-W
H6M 70023  100W LED Headlight Bulbs (2 Pack)

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  • FITMENT: H6M, 70023 are used in ATV and Scooters
  • BRIGHTER: Up to 1100 Lumens of 6000K cool white light output at 12V DC
  • 360 COVERAGE: 4x Front projected XB-D CREE LED; 16x Side Epistar LED
  • DURABLE: No filament to burn out; Aluminum body acts as a heat-sink for up to 10x longer life than typical bulbs
  • COOL WHITE: More white than regular halogen bulbs
  • LOW CURRENT DRAW: Even though they are using 100W total in chips, their actual power draw is much less 1/3

More Information

These bulbs will replace H6m type bulbs found on many ATV and Scooters. The bulbs will be the same brightness, but not brighter. They are designed to give a more white light of  6000K vs the regular 3000K Yellowish color you current would have installed. Because they are LED, they are designed to put less strain on your electrical system.


Low Beam only - Not dual mode like the original H6m light bulb - Only has one state On and Off - No High Beam