Capacitor Voltage Stabilizer Modules

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Capacitor Voltage Stabilizer Modules

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What is it?

Inside is a capacitor circuit which stabilizes voltage to your HID or LED Kit. It prevents voltage dips and spikes. Designed to improve performance and stability to any HID or LED kit on the market.

What can it do?

Improve power delivery to your HID or LED kit by reducing dips and peaks.

Helps reduce electrical noise

"ON SOME VEHICLES" not all, it can prevent flickering problems.

"ON SOME VEHICLES" not all, it can prevent bulb out, warning messages caused by the vehicle computer

Where do I plug these into?

Between your HID ballast and the wiring provided with your HID kit.

For LED kits, it will only be plug and play with type: 9005, 9006, 9012 LED kits.

What if I have a relay, can I still use these?

Yes, it plugs right into the ballast terminal. The other end will plug into the relay's wire.

Are you guaranteeing this will fix my dash bulb out problem or flickering problems?

No, we are not. Even if it doesn't fix the issue, it helps stabilize voltage non-less. Helps prolong the life your HID kit.

How many are included? 1 module