HID Xenon Wire Relay Harness 9006 9005 H10 9145 9055 9012

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HID Xenon Wire Relay Harness 9006 9005 H10 9145 9055 9012

These relay harnesses are used with aftermarket HID conversion kits. They power your HID kit directly from your battery.

9006 (Fits 9005, 9012, H10, 9145, 9155, 9140, 9055, 9155)

Harness comes with a plug to your vehicles factory connector. Many others only provide 2 bare wires that you need to splice in or tape on.

Please make sure you select the correct harness when making your purchase.


  • Factory Plug to Vehicle (Plug and Play)
  • Two connectors to the ballast (Standard 9006 connectors)
  • Fuse Protected
  • 40A Heavy Duty Relay
  • Waterproof
  • No over heating
  • Up to 10 Year Service Life
  • One Relay Harness is needed for each HID Kit


Draw power directly from your vehicle battery instead of your factory wiring

Protects your factory wiring and extends the life of the hid ballast

Can bypass vehicles DRL function allow the use of an HID kit (DRL means day time running lights)

Notice: This relay will not fix any computer related errors or dash message error problems.

This relay will not fix day time running light errors ( DRLs)

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