LCD Motorcycle Alarm 2-Way Pager with Remote Engine Start and Proximity Sensor

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LCD Motorcycle Alarm 2-Way Pager with Remote Engine Start and Proximity Sensor

GENSSI Ultra Advanced Motorcycle Alarm is one of the best alarms you can buy for your motorcycle.

Professional installation highly recommended. Please note, not all mechanics can install motorcycle alarms. They should be alarm installers. * Remote start function not required to be used Some newer bikes may need extra module for remote start function. Please speak to installer.


  • 2x LCD REMOTE CONTROLS with 4 buttons 2 way design sends real time information to you
  • PROXIMITY SENSOR Alarm goes off if someone gets too close to your motorcycle
  • SHOCK SENSOR Built-in senses vibrations
  • REMOTE START FEATURE Extra installation steps and modules maybe needed and may not work with all bike models
  • SUPER LONG RANGE Up to 5000 M Theoretical - FM transmission frequency 


  • Multi function 2 way alarm w/engine starter kit
  • Ultra-long FSK communication range
  • Two way range over 5000m
  • Remote query functions
  • Visual, audio and vibration alert remote control
  • arm / disarm bike finding
  • Frequency : 2.5GHz +/- 1GHz
  • Detection Range Sensitivity MAX : Width 2100mm, Length 1200mm
  • Built-in 2-way pager
  • Powerful 120dB Piezo 5-tone programmable siren
  • Learning code Brain sensor
  • 100% waterproof
  • Sound & LED warning light
  • Anti-Hijacking Function
  • Remote Start Engine
  • Car-finding by Sound & Light
  • Surpassing Warning
  • Remote cut off Engine
  • Arm Reminding & Help Calling
  • Auto Re-arm
  • Learning Code & Deleting Code
  • Back-Ground Light
  • Power Off Memory
  • Input Voltage : 9-15V

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