Vader Series LED Under Body Rock Lights Color with Wireless Controller 8x

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Vader Series LED Under Body Rock Lights Color with Wireless Controller 8x

The GENSSI VADER SERIES LED Rock Lights Kit is a top-of-the-line LED upgrade kit that brings vibrant lighting and style to your vehicle. This kit is extremely durable and built to withstand all types of weather conditions. Whether you want to install them under the carriage, the wheel wells, or in the bed of your truck, this kit provides the ultimate in accent lighting. The rubber mount design ensures an easy installation process.

Each kit includes 8 LED rock lights that can be expanded to a 16 rock kit if desired. Control the lights remotely with the included remote control, or easily manage them using your smartphone via the provided Wireless controller. This level of customization lets you have complete control over your vehicle's aesthetic.

These LED rock lights offer a range of unique features. They emit a wide-angle flood beam pattern for broad illumination, with speed adjustment settings for flexibility. They have customizable color settings and the ability to flash patterns for unique lighting effects.

Utilizing FLOW motion technology, these rock lights are capable of responding to the movement of your vehicle, increasing visibility during movement. Turn signal and brake light functions provide extra safety by signaling your intentions to other drivers.

Each rock light contains 24 LED chips, enclosed in a robust aluminum powder-coated housing for maximum durability. With the GENSSI VADER SERIES LED Rock Lights Kit, you can accentuate your vehicle's appearance while ensuring optimal visibility and safety during nighttime or low-light drives.

The ultimate LED upgrade accent kit for vehicles. Built tough for all weather conditions! Install under carriage, under wheel wheels or in your trunk bed. The rubber mount makes installation a breeze. Includes 10ft extension cord for each rock light.

- 8 POD Rock Kit (Expandable to 16)
- Remote control or APP by Phone
- Wireless Controller

- Wide-Angle Flood Beam Pattern
- Speed Adjustment
- Color Adjustment
- Flashing Patterns
- FLOW Motion Technology
- Turn Signal Function
- Brake Light Function
- 32 LED Chips for 8 Rock Lights
- Aluminum Powder Coated Housing


If setting up the APP, the follow numbers must be entered depending on how many rock lights you are using:

4pods chip pixel qty: 30
6pods chip pixel qty: 30
8pods chip pixel qty: 32
10pods chip pixel qty: 40
12pods chip pixel qty: 48
14pods chip pixel qty: 56
16pods chip pixel qty: 64

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